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Yamaguchi Sôhei (1882-1961)
Ichikawa Danjûro V(?) in Shibaraku performance
Signed: Sennogi
Seals: illegable
Technique: colours on silk 116 x 27.2
Date: 1920s
Mounting: chequered silk and beige silk
bonebone rollers, 202 x 39.5
Condition: very good

Shibaraku, Stop a moment!

Originally staged by Ichikawa Danjūrō I in 1697 at the Nakamura-za, it was very popular, and quickly began to be included at the annual kaomise celebrations of each theatre in Edo. For a time, the main role was frequently different, depending on the whims of the theatre and the troupe. The piece was standardized somewhat in the early 19th century by Danjūrō VII, and reworked again by Danjūrō IX at the end of that century. This version has been performed since then. (Wikipedia)

Sohei Yamaguchi was born in Osaka where he studied traditional Japanese style painting (nihonga) with Nakagawa Rogetsu (1859-1924). He exhibited in the Bunten and Teiten and specialized in historical subjects. He also designed newspaper illustrations and published actor prints with Yanagiya, Osaka.

Merritt & Yamada ’92

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