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Okada Kakusen (act. 1833-1844)
Signed: Kakusen
Seals: Kakusen
Technique: sumi and brown on paper 122.7 x 28.9
Mounting: brown damask and beige silk
dark wooden rollers, 200 x 31.8
Condition: very good

Kakusen was a native of Edo and a collector of curious stones. He was the grandson of Okada Kanrin (1775-1849), who passed his skils on to his grandson Kakusen and made him successor of the Okada family. Kanrin studied the Nanpin style with the Chinese painter Zhang Quigu and Sô Shiseki (1712-1786) when he stayed in Nagasaki. Later in Edo he became a student under Tani Bunchô (1763-1840).

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