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Watanabe Kiyoshi (Shûkei) (1778-1861)
Neo Yamato
Kannon in clouds
Signed: Kônen hachijûnisai (82) hitsu
Seals: Kiyoshi
Technique: sumi and gold on paper 107.4 x 29.4
Date: 1859
Mounting: cream paper
wooden rollers, 177,5 x 40.8
Box: inscribed
Condition: very good

Kiyoshi (also known as Shûkei) was born in Nagoya. He went to Kyoto to study Kanô painting with Yoshikawa Hidenobu. Subsequentlyhe studied the Tosa style with Tosa Mitsusada (1738-1806) and the Yamato style with Tanaka Totsugen (1760-1823). He developed a delicate and most individual style.
Kiyoshi was an expert on ancient Japanese customs and manners, for which studied he studied Japanology with Motoori Norinaga (1730-1801) and Uematsu Arinobu. With Shin Ken he also studied sinology.

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