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Kikuchi Yôsai (1788-1878)
Boat in a river
Signed: Yôsai
Seals: Yôsai
Technique: sumi on paper 101.5 x 37
Mounting: green azure damask and beige silk
black lacquered rollers, 190 x 52.2
Condition: very good

Yôsai was the son of a minor government official in Edo. At the age of 18 he started to study painting in the Kanô style under Takada Enjô. After 5 years his teacher died. Yôsai developed his own style from a mixture of styles: Yamato-e with Western touches and with influences from Tan'yû, Õkyo, Rosetsu and Bunchô. He traveled through out all Japan to investigate and study all these styles and he spend much time in the storages of temples. Except from atmospheric landscapes he was also devoted to historical figure painting. In 1876 he won an award at the American Centennial Exposition and he received the title of Nihon Gashi, painter-knight of Japan. He was a teacher of many of the well known late Ukiyo-e artists like Taiso Yoshitoshi, Watanabe Seitei and Ogata Gekkô.

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