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Tsuji Kakô (1870-1931)
Signed: Kakô
Seals: Kakô
Technique: colours on silk 108.2 x 41.4
Date: c. 1903/4
Mounting: brown gold dbroacade and brown silk
ivory rollers, 193 x 54.4
Condition: browned and ligfhtly soiled, otherwise fair

Kakô was born in Kyoto. His father was a Yûzen textile artisan, who encouraged his son to pursue a career in painting. In 1880 Kakô became a pupil of Kôno Bairei (1844-1895) and from 1899 onwards he also studied Zen under the Zen master Sôen Mokurai (1854-1930). Zen became quite an important element in his work. Kakô served as director of the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine Arts and Crafts, and as adjudicator for the Teiten and several Kyoto exhibition groups. Until 1920 he was a frequent exhibitor and prize winner at the Bunten. Kakô was one the most important painters of the modern Kyoto school.

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