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Uejima Hôzan (1875-1920)
Cedars under the moon
Signed: Hôzan
Seals: Hôzan
Technique: sumi on paper 135 x 43,8
Date: 1915
Mounting: dark brown paper
dark wooden rollers, 194 x 54,6
Condition: very good

Hôzan was born in Kasaoka, Okayama. He moved to Osaka where he studied Maruyama style painting with Kimura Kanzan and Watanabe Shoeki (1848- >1920). A good painter of animals but excelled in bijin painting and by the time he died he was equally famous as Uemura Shôen (1875-1949). Unjustly soon forgotten.

Araki p. 2357
Tsuruga 1993 # 49-50

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