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Ikegami Shûho (1874-1944)
Kawasemi, Kingfisher
Signed: Shûho
Seals: Shûho ..
Technique: colours on paper 23 x 34.6
Mounting: brown silk
plastic rollers, 89 x 48.1
Box: Box inscribed
Condition: Mounted album leaf (centerfold)

Shûho was born in 1874 as the second son of Ikegami Shûka in Takato Town of Nagano Prefecture. After initial study with his father, Shuho moved to Tokyo in 1889 to become a pupil of Araki Kanpo (1831-1915).
Shuho won his first prize already in 1894 with his submission to the 6th Japan Art Association Exhibition to be followed by many others in subsequent years.
In 1915, following the death of his teacher Kanpo, Shuho established and led the Denshindo painting school.
Shuho is considered a major artist in the landscape and bird-and-flower traditions. There have been three posthumous exhibits of his works and two published collections that focus upon his oeuvre. In addition the three pieces of his that are in the collection of the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Shuho’s paintings are in the collection of the Shinshu Takato Art Museum, in Takato.

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