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Azuma Tôyô (1755-1839)
Signed: Tôyô
Seals: Tôyô
Technique: sumi on paper 119.7 x 46.3
Mounting: brown brocade
black wooden rollers, 210 x 57.5
Condition: good

Tôyô was a painter much appreciated by his fellow artists.
In the early 1770's he went to Kyoto where he studied Kanô painting under Kanô Baishô (1729-1808). Under the influence of Buson, and his studies with Õkyo and Go Shun he changed his style. Because of the commissions he received from the Imperial court he was awarded the rank of hôgen, an official painter's rank. After thirty years in Kyoto he moved back to his hometown in Mutsu Province where he served the lord of the Sendai fief as an official painter.

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