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Kasumi Bunshô (1905-1998)
Unsui renpatsu - Begging monks
Signed: Dainan
Seals: Bunshô, Tenkaku and Nantembô (tp)
Technique: sumi on paper 81,5 x 19
Mounting: greyish ble paper and greyish green paper
plastic rollers, 143,5 x 22
Condition: fine

The painting has been executed on an empty mounted scroll

Zetsusu mo gasshô, ukeru mo gasshô, hito to umarete no shiawase o yorokobite.

Rejecting, we clasp our hands. Receiving, we clasp our hands. We rejoice in the good fortune to be born as a human being.

Kasumi Bunshô, the 642nd abbot of Myôshin-ji, became a priest in 1921, but he only started his Zen training at Enpuku-ji temple at Yawata in 1933. In 1943 he became abbot at the Kaisei-ji temple in Nishomiya, the same temple where Nantembô and Deiryû resided before him. In 1949 he started his own dôjô, training hall, there and became shike, Zen master. In 1990 he was recommended to be 29th Kanchô, Chief Abbot, of the Myôshin sect at Myôshin-ji, again following in the footsteps of Nantembô and Deiryû. In 1994 he retired.

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