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Kasumi Bunshô (1905-1998) ed.
Five plates from the abbots of the five most famous Kyoto Zen temples
Seals: Uchide
Technique: Uchideyaki, stoneware from the Uchide kiln with decorations in cobalt blue and iron oxide. All plates are decorated and glazed in different ways. See below. Ø 24,5 x 5,5
Box: signed by Kasumi Bunshô in 1959 in memory of the 550th anniversary of priest Mukoku, the founder of Kaisei-ji in Nishinomiya.
Condition: “stress crack” in 2 plates, otherwise fine

Set of five Uchide-yaki plates made by the kanchô, chief abbots of the sects of the five most famous Zen temples in Kyoto, from the Uchide kiln at Ashiya, in memory of the 550th anniversary of the Kaisei-ji in Nishinomiya which founded by Mukoku.

Plate 1 壽 Ju, Longevity
by Taikô Furukawa (1871-1968) by 89 years old 24th Kanchô of Myoshin-ji.

Plate 2 楽 Raku, Comfort
by Kikusen Shimada (1872-1959) by 88 Years old 8th Kanchô of Nanzen-ji

Plate 3 無為 Mui, giving up all attachments
by Ekyo Hayashi (1896-1979) 12th Kanchô of Tofuku-ji.

Plate 4 雲 Un, Cloud
by Ekishu Takeda (189-1989) 7th Kanchô of Kennin-ji

Plate 5 円相 Enso, Cirkel
by Sessô Oda (1902-1966) 11th Kanchô of Daitoku-ji