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Tanaka Tesshû (Chishô) (1879-1937)
Kôgetsu shôfu - The moon (reflecting) in the river, wind (blowing) through the pines
Signed: Hanazono (Myôshin-ji) Seichiku sho
Seals: Seichiku, Hanazono, .. .. (top)
Technique: sumi on paper 117,5 x 28,3
Date: 1915-1920
Mounting: brown raw silk
black lacquered rollers, 192,5 x 39,8
Condition: very good

Tesshû is believed to have used the name Seichiku between 1915 and 1920.” (Armbruster & Brinker p. 91)

Tesshû was born in a village near Osaka, the third son of a farmer. At the age of 5 his family handed him over to a small Zen temple in the village. As a monk he entered the Rinzai monastery of the Empuku-ji at Yawata near Kyoto in 1897. In 1918 he became abbot succeeding Kenshô Sôhan (1848-1922). He became the leader of the Zen University of Tokyo, Hanazono Daigaku, in 1925, and three years later 606th generation kanchô, chief abbot, of the Myôshin-ji. At the age of 49 he was the youngest chief abbot, 16th reign superintendent priest, in the history of this old established temple. This other teacher of Deiryû (1895-1954) was also one of the first priests teaching Zen to foreigners. 59 years old he died in a car crash.

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