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Nishimura Goun (1877-1938)
Tit on kaki branch
Signed: Goun saku
Seals: Goun, Kô.. gain
Technique: colours on silk 43,5 x 49,8
Mounting: blue gold damask fabric and beige silk
resin rollers, 139 x 63,7
Condition: very good

Goun was born in Kyoto in family of textile dyers. He studied with Kishi Chikudô (1826-1897) for seven years and he was a talented pupil. At the age of 16 he already received his first honorable mention at an exhibition of the Japan Art Association in 1893.
After the death of Chikudô he became a pupil of Takeuchi Seihô (1864-1942) in 1899. Until the first Bunten in 1907 he didn't participate in exhibitions much. At this time he was a wonderful painter of kachôga. When his eldest son died in 1913 Goun got a nervous breakdown, ceased painting and changed residence. After 1918 he regained his health and picked up painting again but only in modest sizes and using a much more poetic brush. He was appointed professor of the Kyoto Municipal School of Painting in 1924. Although his work differs much from that of his teacher Seihô he became an important figure in Kyoto art circles in his own right.

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