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Hayashi Buntô (1882-1966)
Autumn rain over Arashiyama
Signed: Buntô
Seals: Tokôrô
Technique: sumi, red and gold on paper 39,7 x 53,6
Mounting: green silk fabric and greyish pink crushed paper
black lacquered rollers, 131,5 x 66
Condition: very good

Although Buntô travelled to China several times he was a purely Japanese painter in the Maruyama-shijô manner. He was quite soon regognized and joined the Garin in 1903 and showed at the Bunten. Later his style became related to haiga. His teachers were Maekawa Bunrei (1837-1917 and Yamamoto Shunkyo (1871-1933).

20th p. 314
Araki p. 229
Addiss '95 # 49

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