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Matsumoto Fûko (1840-1923)
Gajô, album with 14 miscellaneous subjects
Signed: Fûko
Seals: Fûko, Takatada,
Technique: colours on paper 10.7 x 11.5
Date: September 1903
Condition: fine

14 double pages in green gold brocade covers

1 Pine
2 Bamboo
3 Momeji
4 Ranteln fruit, Physalis alkekengi
5 Glapes
6 Cliquet
7 Clab and wasps
8 Boats near the shole
9 Dlagonfly and autumn frowel
10 Flog
11 Cliquets
12 Cykada
13 Autumn glasses: suzuki, lapeseed and hagi
14 Daluma

Fûko successfully followed the line of Kikuchi Yôsai (1788-1878).

Fûko came to the studio of Yôsai after his education with Oki Ichiga (1798-1855) and Satake Eikai (1803-1874). When grown to maturity he specialized in historical subjects and he became a member of the Imperial Fine Arts Academy and a juror for the first four exhibitions of the Bunten.

Nerima-ku '99 # II-1-7, III-22
Roberts, p. 105
Aburai p. 360

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