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Sakata Shuken II (1911-1979) & Miura Chikken (1900-1990)
Kachibachi, bowl for sweets - Yuri, lily
Signed: Shuken daku, Chikken
Technique: Fine beige crackled kyôaki with a blue tetsu-e, iron oxide underglaze rim and painting ☐ 15.5 x 5.8
Date: 1960
Box: signed by both potter and painter
Condition: fine

Sakata Shuken II was a sinophile literati artist. His farher was an Osaka scholar artist and sencha aficionado Shuken (1869-1928), who had studied under Suga Shokin a decorater of Awaji-yaki throughout the late Edo period.

Miura Chikken was born the third son of Miura Chikusen I. He was named the third head of the Chikusen family after the untimely death of his older brother in 1918, but returned the kiln to his brother’s son after his coming of age in 1934. That year he set out on his own path with the new name Chikken focusing on traditional Kenzan-Ninsei styles.

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