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Murata Kôkoku (1831-1912)
Gajô, Album - Kôkoku okina shigajô, Album of paintings and poems by the old man Kôkoku
Signed: Kôkoku heidai, Kôkoku, Ta Shuku, Shuku etc.
Seals: Kôkoku, Shuku in, Ta Shuku noin
Technique: colours on silk and sumi on paper 16.4 x 11 (12.6 x 8.6)

12 paintings and 1 poem on satin, 12 poems on paper and a san by:Shômon .. .. (?) dated Meiji Kanoe-ne, september 1900. In brown multi coloured brocade covers in shitsu

1. Poem
2. Bridge
3. Cat and butterflies
4. Rural scene
5. Peonie
6. Mountain tops
7. Lotus flower
8. Weird rocks
9. Rabbits and moon
10. Temple visit
11. Horses
12. River view
13.Plum in vase

Kôkoku was born in Fukuoka as the son of the little known Nanga painter Murata Toho. After leaving his home and his fathers lessons he went to Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863). He moved to Nagasaki to take lessons from Hidaka Tetsuô (1791-1871). After traveling to China he returned to Kyoto in 1880 and became a teacher at the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine Arts.

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