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Taniguchi Aizan (1816-1899)
Gajô, 12 Landscapes
Signed: Aizan jinanajûku (79)
Seals: Aizan, Kan’un, Sekka sanjin
Technique: sumi and light colours on paper 13x 20
Date: Summer of 1894
Condition: very good

12 double page landscape piantings in Brown peach decorated brocade covers

Aizan was born in Fukuyama, Etchû province. He went to Edo to study with Bunchô and Takahisa Aigai (1796-1843). For Confucian studies he went to the Kangien School in Kyûshû. On one of his travels he studied with the Chinese painter Chen Yishu in Nagasaki. Finally he settled in Kyoto where he became friends with Kaioku and where he became an important member of the Chinese-influenced art circles in Kansai. After the opening of the Kyoto Prefectural School of painting Tanomura Chokunyû (1814-1907) and Aizan became in charge of the Nanga section.

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