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Nishiyama Hôen (1804-1867)
Kajô, album of flowers
Signed: Senko iboku, Autograph of the deceased Kan’ei shin investigate
Seals: Taira Seishô in, Hôen and Nishi Kan’ei kanshô Shô
Technique: sumi and colours on paper 27,2 x 15,7
Condition: fine

12 double pages in white raw silk covers

1. Fisherman
2. Bell flower
3. Hotei
4. Hyakku botan, White peony
5. Flowering [lampionnetje]
6. Iris
7. Waterplant
8. Ears
9. Hibiscus
10. Clover and dandylion
11. Wisteria
12. Crow

Hôen was an artist from Osaka. He studied with Matsumura Keibun (1779-1843) and was specialized in kachôga, bird and flower painting
Hôen was was one of the best Shijô painters of his time. "He had all the skill in the world in his brush, but a lack of assertiveness or gusto prevented him from exploiting it in such way as to carry us of our feet." Hillier

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