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Shimizu Kôshô (1911-1999) & Kaneta Masanao (born 1953)
Rinzai Zenga / Hagiyaki
Zara, plate - Shôchikubai, the three friends of the winter
Signed: Kôshô
Seals: unread (Masanao)
Technique: Grey crackled Hagiyaki with an underglaze calligraphy Ø 18,2 x 4,2
Box: signed
Condition: fine

Shimizu Kôshô was born in Himeji. In 1927 he entered the Todai-ji in Nara. Upon graduating in Buddhist studies from Ryokoku University in 1933 he took up residence at the Tenryu-ji for four years to study and practice Zen under the guidance of the Abbot Seki Seisetsu (1877-1945). In 1947 he became director of Todai-ji High School. In 1959 he was appointed director of the Monks' Academy (Kangakuin) at Todai-ji, and in 1963 became director of Todai-ji Girls' School and Todai-ji Kindergarten. 1969 marked a turning point in Kôshô's career, when he was appointed Head of Religious Affairs of the Kegon Tradition. When in 1975 the abbot Kamitsukasa Kaiun (1907-1975) died Kôshô was chosen to be his successor, and he became the 208th abbot of Todai-ji. However, he already resigned in 1981.

For the remaining 18 years of his life, Shimizu Kôshô was dedicated to art. He became a prolific "eccentric" painter, calligrapher and figurative potter. In 1994, when the Shosha Art and Craft Museum (in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture), was founded, Kôshô was made its honorary director.

Kaneta Masano was born in Hagi City as the eldest son of the potter Kaneda Sanmon.
He graduated from the department of sculpture major, Department of Education, Tokyo Kyoiku University in 1977 and in 1979 at the Sculpture dept of the University of Tsukuba.
After which he started to work at the kiln of his father Sannovaemon.

n 1981 he received his first prize, the Asahi Shimbun Award at the Japan Arts Crafts Association Yamaguchi branch. He won many more prizes later to be followed by a number of solo-exhibitions.

He started his own kiln His work is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Art, Yokohama General Museum of Art.

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