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Kawamura Bumpô (1779?-1821)
Kishi (Shijô)
Woodvendors and fisherman (2-tych)
Signed: Bumpô
Seals: Nanzanju
Technique: sumi on paper 108,3 x 27,7
Date: 1810s
Mounting: decorated silk fabric and beige silk
black lacquered rollers, 188 x 39,3
Condition: some minor flaws, otherwise very good

Bumpô lived in Kyoto where he studied under Gan Ku (1749-1835). Within the Kishi school he developed a style rather independent from his teacher, influenced by the Chinese school. He studied Chinese painting styles via the interpretations by Kanyôsai (=Tatabe Ryôtai 1719-1774), indirectly a pupil of Shen Nan-P'in.
At a certain point Bumpô’s fame was equal to that of Ganku, and similar to that of Rosetsu in relation to Õkyo. Bumpô was a skilful painter of landscapes and figures, and also a haiku poet.
"His true nature came out of the tip of his brush... Cheerfulness was always breaking in." (Hillier)

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