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Matsumura Keibun (1779-1843)
Kirihana ni susume - Sparrrow and paulownia flowers
Signed: Minamoto Keibun in
Seals: Keibun
Technique: colours on silk 117 x 41,3
Mounting: light brown gold damask and olive green raw silk
ivory rollers, 216 x 57,3
Condition: a few minor flaws, otherwise very good

Matsumura Keibun was the younger brother of the painter and poet Matsumura Go Shun (1752-1811), and a fine painter and respected theorist of art in his own right. After Go Shun’s death Keibun inherited his studio on Shijô Street. Together with Okamoto Toyohiko (1773-1845), he carried on the Shijô School, Keibun specialising in kachôga and Toyohiko in fukeiga.

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