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Hashimoto Kaikan (1854-1935)
Mount Fuji
Signed: Kaikan
Seals: Hashi[moto] Toku, .., Hakufu .. (tp)
Technique: sumi on silk 40.5 x 42
Mounting: brown gold damask and brown grey damask
bone rollers, 127 x 44.8
Condition: good

Inscription unread

Kaikan was born in Akashi, Hyogo prefecture as the son of Hashimoto Bunsui, married to the painter Shôkei and the father of Hashimoto Kansetsu (1883-1945). Kaikan build a reputation of his own after he continued his fathers position as Hanju a confucianist teacher for the Akashi domain.

He taught Chinese studies and poetry and gained a great reputation as a scholar. From all over the world people came to his house to know about his opinions on art as well as on scholarly matters.

He lived in Kobe and studied calligraphy with Kiro Ichimura. Kaikan was known as good poet, an even better calligrapher and as a self-taught painter.

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