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Uragami Shunkin (1779-1846)
Mount Fuji
Signed: Shunkin Kisen sei
Seals: Kisen, Hakkyo
Technique: sumi on paper 43 x 57,5
Mounting: olive green damask an brown silk
bone rollers, 130 x 67,5
Condition: very good

Shunkin was born in Bizen, the eldest son and pupil of Uragami Gyokudō (1745-1820), a retainer of the Okayama Shinden Clan. Together with his father they left the clan in 1794 and for five years they traveled through Japan together. During his stay in Osaka he became well acqainted with Kimura Kenkado (1736-1802), sake brewer, bunjin, and collector. This collection became of importance for Shunkin’s kachô paintings. He settled in Kyoto in 1799. Shunkin joined the conservative bunjin group around Rai San'yô (1780-1832) and Shinozaki Shōchiku (1781-1851). At times he collaborated with Yamamoto Baiitsu (1783-1856). His paintings show influences from the Maruyama School as well from Nagasaki kachōga, flower and bird painting.

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