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Kunii Õyô (1868-1923)
Hassun - Tray with nanten decoration
Signed: Inju (on request) Õyô
Seals: Õyô
Technique: sumi and gold on paulownia wood 24 x 24 x 3,2
Date: March 1911
Box: Inscribed
Condition: fine

Hassun 24 x 24 cms

Õyô was born as Kensai and lived in Kyôto. When he was adopted by the Maruyama family, he became the son and successor of Kunii Õbun (1833-1867) and the 6th titular head of the Maruyama family.

Roberts p. 123
Araki p. 2630

Price: EUR 250 / USD 285