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Kamo no Suetaka (1754-1841) and Yamamoto Suemamo (Kirô)(1807-1862)
Portrait of the back of a courtlady. A comparison between the poetesses and courtladies Murasaki no Suô no Naishi and Kono Akazome no Emon
Signed: Kirô sha and Koki ô (70) Suetaka shisan
Seals: Kirô Shidô and Kakugai
Technique: sumi and red on silk 101.4 x 38.5
Date: 1823
Mounting: beige raw silk
wooden rollers, 174 x 47.8
Condition: good

Suetaka was a scholar, a poet and a priest of the Kamo shrine in Kyoto. During his younger days hestudied poetry under Katô Chikage (1735-1808) in Edo. He contributed many prefaces and other literary embellishments to newly published ehon and other books, and was closely associated with many of the poets and artists in Kyoto and Osaka during the early nineteenth century.

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Suemamo was the adopted son of Suetaka

Price: EUR 600 / USD 696