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Tanaka Hakuin (1866-1934) & Heian Hakuun
Nanga /Kyoyaki
Kau, fruit bowl - Reishi, sacred fungus
Signed: Hakuin shujin sha
Seals: Hakuun
Technique: Seikaji, cream Kyoyaki earthenware whith a cream crackled glaze and an underglaze painting in blue. Ø 17,6 x 8,7
Date: 1926
Box: signed by Hakuun
Condition: fine

The reishi, or lingzhi (Chinese) (Ganoderma Lucidem) is a sacred fungus that symbolizes immortality.
The inscription reads: 養壽延年 Yôju ennen, Cherish life and extend it.

Hakuin was born in Suruga Province (present Shizuoka Prefecture). He became the best pupil of Tanomura Chokunyû (1814-1907).

In 1883, when he was 17 years old, he went to Kyoto and became a disciple of Chokunyû. In these days Hakuin called himself "Tanomura Hakuin", but after he married in 1900, he changed his name into "Tanaka Hakuin", Tanaka being the surname of his wife.
His views in the Nanga style are very similar to Tanomura Chikuden and Chokunyu.
Later, Hakuin established a private painting school in Kyoto with many pupils and later in Hofu city of Yamaguchi Prefecture. He was also an expert on Tanomura school paintings.

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Price: EUR 650 / USD 754